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People Everywhere are Discovering the Amazing Health Benefits of Kangen™ Water

We love all that is healthy and can improve the quality of ours and other peoples lives. This is why we love the Aloe Vera. But this water is really impressive. Please, if nothing else, take your time to educate yourself on this topic. You will never regret that. We hope to see you and encourage you to fill in the fields below, which gives you acces to a lot of information. Enjoy.

Stefani and Ted Douglas Hansen

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We are SOOOO exited about this water. It all happened for us in a way that feels like God orchestrated it. Our 3 year old daughter Melanie - who NEVER is ill, all of a sudden had a fungus infection. Her tounge was all white and she complained about stomach pain all the time. Of we went to the hospital. She got two different kinds of antibiotics, but little improvement happened. Then, after a few days our wonderfull friends Larissa and Richard Powell told us about Kangen Water and we had our daughter try some. THAT was impressing. After half an hour we were amazed at the energy she had, and she started eating and drinking a little for the first time in 4 days. That cought our interest and we went on to look at the business behind it. We have been in Direct Sales for over ten years, living full time as distributors for another health related company, but this beats all we have seen. So enjoy our website and see if you will feel the same way about this water miracle. From our background we KNOW that we need to "Alkalize or die" (Title of a book) We look forward to talking to you soon, if we get to busy to call, please do not hesitate to call us on 401 369 8650 any time. The best regards Stefani and Ted Hansen, Sandy, Utah. If you would like to receive a FREE DVD please send us your address to

Stefani and Ted Douglas Hansen